Story Behind New Small Business Logo

TsuuT’ina Nation Small Business Logo


The Story behind the Small Business Incubator Logo was inspired from TsuuT’ina Elder Katie Dodginghorse who has since passed but has encouraged all TsuuT’ina Nation Members to become self-reliant and dedicated to the work that they do.

The TsuuT’ina ways have been transferred to the next generations by way of mentorship and guidance with respect and commitment to advancement.

In the past, the TsuuT’ina Men and Women did not have any sort of Income Support (Welfare) or Child Tax Benefits when they were raising their families and children. They all worked, either stoking hay for themselves or farmers in nearby rural farms as far off as High River or by harvesting trees, selling livestock or beading and selling handy-crafts.

Our Elders taught us to be proud of the work we do and to feel good about our talents. We all encouraged each other to do their best with what they have.


We all fed our families from the land and this is signified by the wheat that outlines the emblem. (you can find this example in the alter covering at the Anglican Church that was beaded also by Granny Katie).

The Teepee is Katie Dodginghorse is Teepee design and color she did not want a lot of colors as she was very humble and conscience minded to not offend her Lord our God and solid colors shows that there was no idolism to anything but the Lord who is the fountain of life.

The teepee is the house that nurtures the talents and skills of the Beaver People- TsuuT’ina who rely on themselves for advancement.

The Beaver is the people looking up-wards to their own dreams of self-employment and owning a small business or service. As you see the Beaver is half inside and outside of the nurturing point stating that we are working with three types of clients

1) Aspiring entrepreneurs.

2) Start – Up of Small Business

3) Existing Businesses

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